Intention to Purchase Organic Foods among Consumers in Kubang Pasu District, Kedah

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Hasnizam Shaari, Tan Yew Kuan 


In this millennium, more and more consumers enlightened and empowered than before. Consumers had placed a greater demand from marketers to produce more innovative, hygiene and safer products to fulfil their needs and wants. For instance, organic foods are not new to the food industry and became one of buzz-word in todays‟ emerging market. Despite the increasing trend on supply of such organic foods, demand of organic foods are relatively small especially in the developing countries such as Malaysia. Underpinned by Theory of Planned Behavior, this study attempts to examine the relationship between attitude towards organic foods, environmental concern and consumer‟s knowledge on intention to purchase organic foods. A study among 117 consumers in Kubang Pasu, Kedah revealed that only environmental concern plays a significant role in explaining intention to purchase organic foods. Both attitude and consumer‟s knowledge towards organic foods have insignificant influence intention to purchase organic foods. Hence, based on the result and considering previous literatures, further empirical evidence is needed to confirm either attitude towards organic foods is ethnic-centered and ecoliteracy is more relevant in explaining intention to purchase organic foods in Malaysia.

Keywords: Intention to purchase, organic foods, marketing, and Theory Of Planned Behavior.