A Study on Impact of Early Marriage on Women Health in Bangladesh

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A. M. Sultana, Md. Abdus Salam 



Early marriage of women is a common practice in Bangladesh, where the significant numbers of women being married before the age of 18. Early marriages have been convicted globally as the harmful practice of girls’ health. It is an important issue that impacts not only the lives of the children who are married but also the lives of those around them. The factors that mainly contribute to early marriage in Bangladesh are poverty and cultural practice. We assessed the impacts of early marriage on women health and their wellbeing. Early marriage represents a major threat to women well-being. Our findings indicate that WEM impact on maternal health such as women depression and domestic violence. The study suggests that it is crucial to challenge socioeconomic, religious and cultural practices or norms associated with early marriages.

Keywords: Early marriage; women; well-being; health; social-cultural norms; discrimination